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About the service
Lots of
Tots (Canolfan Maerdy) provides
ll day care, and the setting is
a large
single story building with an enclosed out
side play area. The Nursery uses
one section of
the building.
The D
ay Nursery is
registered for 46
aged 0 to 8 years. This is
divided into
12 children 0
2 years, 16 children 2
3 years,
6 children aged 3
5 years and 12
aged 5
8 years of age.
The responsible i
ndividuals are
Leonard Preece and Regina Clayton. Kathryn Lewis was
in c
on the day of inspection but was due to go on maternity leave. Emily
Stewart will be acting manager until her return.
This w
as a scheduled focussed
What type of inspection was carried out?
One unannounced inspection
Gathering information from
the self assessment of service document
Direct observation of activ
ities, interactions and procedures.
Discussion with the
person in c
Inspection of selected documents as detailed within this report.
What does the
do well?
What has improved since the last inspection?
The nursery has
applied for, and has been granted, an increase in
the number of children
between the ages of 5
8 years
who attend the Nursery out of
school hours
A finance officer has been employed.
A new vehicle has been purchased to transport children to and from school
What needs to be done to improve the service?
e Registered Person was issued with a
regards to
following regulations, as detailed in the Child Minding and Day Care (Wales
Regulations 2010
Regulation 28
(5) (a) (ii)
, Suitability of workers
戀礠晡楬椀渀最 瑯 攀渀獵爀攀 瑨愀琠愀汬 獴愀晦 
漀渀攀 獴愀晦 晩汥 眀栀椀捨 搀椀搀 渀漀琠栀愀瘀攀 愀渀礠爀攀晥爀攀渀捥猠漀爀 愀 瀀漀汩捥 捨攀捫 爀攀氀攀癡渀琠瑯 瑨攀 
practice recommendations include:
Parents should be asked to sign the incident record relating to their child.
The manager
or deputy should sign the contract.
The bin in the toilets requires a lid.

Version 1.1
The children’s toothbrushes should be stored elsewhere
of staff in the hallway should be updated.
The statement of purpose should be available in Welsh.
The quality of
care report requires more detail.
The outside play area is still waiting to be re

Version 1.1
Quality of life
have a good quality of life where they are
positively occ
, stimulated and
encouraged to be active and to explore
at Lots of Tots
(Canolfan Maerdy)
We (CSSIW) saw children
engaged in various activities. The children aged over 2 years
were eating toast and having a drink of milk at the table where they we
re encouraged by
staff to use manners when asked if they would like some more. Once finished children
were encouraged to stack their
cups. Staff were supportive whilst still ensuring
children’s independence was promoted.
Once finished and the t
ables were cleaned the children were encouraged to play with
play dough where staff sat with them and chatted to the children about what they were
The nursery had an animal theme and children were encouraged to make
animals from their play dough. W
e noticed one child was very quiet at the table, and we
saw staff moving chairs to sit next to her and include her more fully in the activity,
supporting her to use the tools.
One child was unsettled due to the extreme hot weather so staff encouraged him
to play
with the water trough where she poured water over his hands and wrists to ‘cool him
He enjoyed playing in the water with the pouring toys. Another child left the table
to join him.
The over 2’s room was a large room with an array of toys in
dedicated areas to
encourage imaginative play, physical play and to encourage children to
have free choice
staff were seen to be supporting and encouraging the children during play
the environment was structured it was not controlled
, childr
en were free to move from
one area of play to another and able to choose activities or toys of their choice. The
activities and toys were easily accessed by the children in shelves and cupboards at
child height.
The under 2’s room was
well fitted with t
oys and the younger children were seen being
supported by staff in a caring manner to keep the children occupied. We saw these
children also being offered toast and drinks. Within the same area but separated by a
wooden gate, was a quiet area where childre
n could rest or sleep.
We saw staff
in both rooms
talking kindly to the children, praising and cuddling
They spoke in both English and Welsh to ensure all the children could understand what
was being said. The children were settled and at ease with
The children ha
a sense of achievement; this is because staff gave praise at every
opportunity. The children were praised for their efforts
for completing tasks.
The Nursery implemented the ‘Design to Smile’ initiative, ensuring children
brushed their
teeth at the nursery after lunch, and
that they were following the health and sustainable
school initiative. Meals were delivered from a local café in insulated boxes and
dietary needs were catered for.
looked at two children’s files
and found them to be satisfactory. We did however
recommend that parents sign the incident forms and that the manager or deputy sign the
child’s contract on behalf of the Nursery.

Version 1.1
Children experience warmth and belonging. It
evident that the childre
n present had
developed good relationships with the staff and were well settled and very comfortable in
their care.

Version 1.1
Quality of staffing
This was not the area of focus at t
his inspection, which was to look at the quality of life
for children using the Nursery
and not at the quality of staffing
We can not be wholly confident that the children are looked after by staff who are
suitable for the post as not all checks had bee
n received before staff commence
This is explained more fully under the next section: Quality of Leadership
and Management.

Version 1.1
Quality of leadership and management
focus of this inspection was to look at the quality of life for people using the service
and not on the quality of leadership and management.
However when looking at some staff files, we found the Nursery was not conducting
robust recruitment che
cks for one individual. This person had been employed without
references and a police clearance from the Nursery, although she did have a previous
police check from February this year from another organisation. As such we have issued
a non
compliance notif
ication with this report. We told the manager that this person was
not to continue working until all checks have been received.
As this would have an impact on the nursery, the manager was requested to submit an
application for exceptional circumstances
to allow this staff member to continue to work
at the Nursery. Prior to the publication of this report this has been received along with
three references for the individual, a declaration stating no offences have been
committed since the last police check,
and conformation that a new police check has
been applied for. The decision was granted for the staff member to continue to work on a
until such time as the police check is received.
We were informed that the manager will be shortly goin
g on maternity leave.
Arrangements are in place for the deputy manager to act up into this post, with support
from a senior member of staff acting in a deputy capacity.
We were given an up to date statement of purpose, which we recommended should be
lated to Welsh. We were also forwarded a quality of care report, which needs to
include more detail.
This area will be looked at more fully at future inspections.

Version 1.1
Quality of environment
The focus of this inspection was to look at the quality of life for people using the service
and not on the quality of leadership and management.
We did have a tour of the premises from the manager and the following good practice
ions were made:
to provide a lid for the dustbin,
to update the sta
situated in the main corridor,
to store the toothbrushes outside the toilet area.
We noted that the outside play area was still waiting to be re
Children can be
confident that the environment is a warm, inviting and stimulating place
for people to play and learn.

Version 1.1